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EMC's Chris Slattery Passes Torch to CompassCare

On Wednesday morning at 4:15, November 22, 2023 at Calvary Hospice in the Bronx, Chris Slattery, 40 year-long pro-life pioneer, died at age 68. Chris began blazing the trail to save lives in the American abortion capital, New York City, in 1979, shortly after the legalization of abortion.

A few weeks prior to his death last fall, Chris handed the reigns of EMC Frontline to CompassCare and CEO Rev. Jim Harden.

CompassCare has been on the abortion battle front lines almost as long as Chris Slattery, so it’s no surprise that the two ministries are now one.

In his last public interview in early November, Chris was asked by his replacement, Rev. Harden, what advice he would give the pro-life community, “Figure out how to save babies.” Referring to New York, he continued, “We have to compete with this. You can’t throw up our hands and say, ‘What a shame.’ No! What an opportunity to respond with intelligence, and savvy, and well-placed financial donations.”

Why did Chris Slattery choose CompassCare to hand the New York City torch to? “Through your leadership, you have shown that you are fighters, you’re willing to take on the abortion establishment, you’re willing to innovate, you’re willing to work with methods that will help us reach more mothers in the future, which are more difficult to reach today and are more expensive to reach today, which requires many more skill sets than the average pregnancy center has,” Chris said.

EMC Frontline/CompassCare is the only pro-life medical center in Brooklyn. We have begun serving patients  in the newly renovated offices at 44 Court Street. Other boroughs will come online shortly after that, as well as a mobile van ultrasound unit this Spring.

We believe we’ll be able to double the number of women served and babies saved from abortion in 2024 because of your partnership.

Want to Learn More?

CompassCare began seeing patients in January in the newly renovated offices at

44 Court Street, Brooklyn.

We will open a pro-life medical office in Queens in the Spring.

A mobile van will also see patients all around NYC soon.