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Here’s how your donations can help! Expectant Mother Care aims to save lives and souls by serving pregnant moms. We serve in New York City with free counseling, testing, ultrasounds and referrals. Founded in 1984, EMC has helped over 150,000 girls and women, and saved 43,000 babies.

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Your donations are important! Every donation is critical to the operations of EMC! Together, our services underwritten by your sacrificial donations will make a difference!

We offer many ways to make donations to EMC!

Here are many ways you can give to support our life-affirming, life-saving missions.

Your special gifts undergird each of our core missions.

1. Saving the Unborn Threatened by Abortion by serving the pregnant mother!
For the past thirty years, EMC FRONTLINE has care for and served 173,000 individuals which has resulted in saving 43,000 innocent children from the painful death of abortion.

2. Setting the Captives Free with After Abortion Recovery Support!
Over these thirty years millions of women have experience abortion in and near New York City. This is the mouth of abortion nationally. By caring for those hurt by an abortion, we see lives dramatically changed forever.

3. Training Interns in Life-Saving Work!
Every year, our wonderful interns join us here in New York City for a season of training and equipping so that they can get practical hands-on experience saving lives on the streets of New York City. Once they have been trained, they will never be the same. They become the voice of life wherever they live.

4. EMC Frontline serves 10 states EMC Frontline also makes abortion determined caller referrals to Pregnancy Centers in 10 U.S. cities, daily.

As you help us, you are blessed!

By sowing your seeds into this mission field, you will be blessed in return. That is the promise of the Bible. Make a generous gift before you leave this site. We thank you in advance!


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